Predict Precisely

Geminus unleashes the power of predictive intelligence by intersecting AI and physics with multi-fidelity modeling.

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Better Predictions Fuel Better Decisions

Our novel, first-principles AI translates the constraints of the physical world inside resilient predictive models. The Geminus platform leverages sparse data to quickly analyze the behavior of complex industrial systems, and precisely predict the impact of decisions that drive your business forward.

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Geminus: The Model of Intelligence

Fast, Accurate, Rich Models

The Geminus multi-fidelity approach fuses models with data, which enables you to create highly accurate surrogates over 1,000x faster than simulation.

Known Confidence Bounds

Only Geminus accurately quantifies model uncertainty, so you can be confident in your predictions and the decisions they inspire.

Efficient Model Creation

Geminus compresses model creation time from months to hours requiring far less data and compute resources than traditional AI, or simulation methods.


Models built on Geminus are infused with an understanding of the known behavior of real-world systems. This gives your models a head-start in the learning process, so they’ll more easily adapt to condition changes and system degradation.

Geminus: Because the past can't tell you the future Post Image

Geminus: Because the past can't tell you the future

Solving for the shortcomings of today's predictive models.

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