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AI for the Energy Transition

The industrial sector isn’t prepared for the energy transition. It’s stuck balancing carbon avoidance today with innovation for a carbon-free tomorrow.

Striking this balance takes time. Too much time.

Geminus enables industrial companies to improve operational efficiency and bring new technologies online at never-before-seen speed or scale.

About Geminus: A Word from Our CEO and Our Co-Founder

The Failure of Traditional AI

Climate change is forcing the biggest engineering transition since the industrial revolution. We have less than 30 years to dramatically reduce industrial carbon emissions. AI has been touted as the premier solution but takes months or years to develop. It’s data-intensive, inefficient, and yields inaccurate results.

We don’t have time to waste on sub-optimal solutions.

Geminus is built on math, science, and impatience. Our solution delivers valuable predictive insights in weeks, rather than years. And we do it with a fraction of the data.

Industrial AI

Challenging the AI Status Quo

AI is only as good as the data it’s trained on. But good data takes time to collect and clean, and sometimes isn’t available at all. Instead of relying on deterministic neural nets (which require massive amounts of data), Geminus turns to the latest breakthroughs in computational science. Our probabilistic approach fuses multiple information sources to create more capable models using less data and time. Enabling the optimization and decarbonization of existing infrastructure, while scaling tomorrow’s net-zero solutions.

What normally takes months or years with traditional AI, Geminus can tackle in just hours.

Fusing physics and data delivers fully explainable AI

Models in hours, rather than months

Accurate predictions with less than 1% of the data

Confidence bounds with every decision

Self-service model creation and deployment

Models that adapt as systems change