Reimagining industrial process design with AI

Industrial process centric digital twin product that delivers self-optimized design, predictive operational intelligence and asset performance enhancement.


Propel your industrial process design and operations with Geminus’ approach of physics-constrained AI modeling from operational data.


Data-augmented Physics

  • Self-tuned selection of model fidelity based on the physics of original design models
  • Data-augmentation of physics models with operators, functions and parameters

Process-centric Digital Twins
from Physics-constrained AI

  • Trained ensembles of data-augmented physics models from historical and operational data across entire product life cycle
  • AI-driven predictive optimization of the ensemble across all underlying multi-fidelity models

Design & Operational

  • Design intelligence recommendations for upgrading specific control logic and asset components
  • Operational intelligence about asset performance, remaining useful lifetime & process yield


Become part of one of the most disruptive applications of AI in industrial operations. We are a growing team with a vision for reimagining industrial processes using physics and AI.


Geminus is the world’s first industrial process centric digital twin product that delivers self-optimized design and operational intelligence.

The product leverages physics-constrained artificial intelligence to deliver high-fidelity O&M intelligence and to continuously optimize the designs of assets & processes.

Geminus integrates with operational data through SCADA systems, historian software, sensor gateways and enterprise asset management to trigger physics-constrained AI modeling of the end-to-end process for every significant time slice of data. This generates high-fidelity operational intelligence and design recommendations to prevent multi-step failures, adverse shifts in yield, structural process faults and degraded remaining useful lifetime.

The company is based in Palo Alto and venture funded by The Hive. The Hive is a fund and co-creation studio for AI powered industrial Internet applications.