Our Product

Physics-Informed AI for Real-Time Optimization

Created by pioneers in the field of AI-augmented computational physics, the Geminus platform builds, deploys, and manages AI models uniquely suited for optimization of industrial processes. Our methods combine multiple sources of information such as physics-based simulation and process data to enable operators to improve profitability and reduce emissions more precisely than ever.

Simulation Insights with the Speed and Flexibility of AI

Geminus is built for operators who realize the value of simulation insights and wish to move them into real-time. Unlike purely data-driven techniques which must infer physical behavior, Geminus relies on simulation to precisely predict the impact of system inputs on outputs. By merging those insights with real process data and accelerating predictions with AI, models stay true to the state of the system, responding to changes and degradation.

These insights are critical to enabling a path to autonomy, giving operators the confidence to adapt in real-time to changing feedstocks, market conditions, and climate variations with the right decisions, every time. Geminus supports you along the digital transformation journey, from advising your operators, to model predictive control, and ultimately fully autonomous systems

Powered by Breakthroughs in Computational Science and AI

Models fit for real-time optimization

  • Physics-based accuracy and fast inferencing
  • Trusted predictions, with quantified uncertainty
  • Flexible access to mathematical quantities
    enabling rapid optimization

Fast and repeatable AI model creation

  • Train with 10% of the data typically required
  • Models in weeks from any simulation and
    process data sources
  • Repeatable techniques speed model creation
    and retraining

The Geminus Platform: Optimize Your Most Critical Systems

Flexible and Open
  • Train from any physics-based simulator
  • Use Geminus or homegrown optimization algorithms
From Concept to Solution in Weeks
  • Efficiently prepare simulated and real data
  • Automate creation of AI models, easy Digital Twin integration
Easily Deploy and Maintain
  • Deploy simply: cloud or edge
  • Use process data to retrain models on demand