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Geminus Solutions - What we do

What We Do.

Fixing the Economics of Industrial AI

Geminus is fundamentally disrupting the economics of AI. Our self-service platform is powered by new advances in the fields of computational and data science. Using just a fraction of the data required by traditional AI, we deliver production-grade AI models in weeks, rather than years. Giving industrial companies the intelligence they need to dramatically reduce carbon emissions while increasing productivity.

Accelerating the Energy Transition

Climate change poses the biggest engineering challenge in decades across industries. To keep up, we need to do an industrial revolution’s worth of development in a fraction of the time. But most industrial companies struggle with suboptimal equipment and processes, leading to lost time, wasted energy, inefficient performance, and equipment failure.

Digitalization has spurred AI to the forefront, but current solutions still take months or years to begin addressing these problems. Geminus has taken a different approach to industrial AI, swapping purely data-driven techniques for the latest developments in computational science. The Geminus platform optimizes existing infrastructure while scaling net-zero solutions.

Geothermal Energy Pipeline

Real-Time Predictive Models that Deliver Value in Hours

More Value,
Less Data

Geminus’ multi-fidelity AI solution fuses physics-based models with real-world data. Highly efficient methods deliver accurate predictions with a fraction of the data, both real and synthetic.

Fast, Accurate,
and Forward-Looking

Traditional AI relies on the past to predict the future, limiting optimization in new conditions. Our solution accurately evaluates new scenarios, enabling operational optimization regardless of historic data availability.

AI That Understands
Its Own Accuracy

Traditional AI and physics-based models are deterministic, but the real world is probabilistic. Geminus accurately mimics real-world conditions by producing uncertainty bounds around each answer.

Built For Your Team

Modelers & Data Scientists

Easily share accurate insights with the broader team.

Data Scientist

Process Engineers

Design, implement, and optimize with confidence.

Product Engineers

Maximize product sustainability, cost-effectiveness, performance, and safety.

Enabling a New Era of Intelligent Systems

Balancing system productivity and carbon emissions with today’s technologies is nearly impossible. Traditional AI relies solely on industrial data sources that produce dirty and incomplete data. Geminus instead fuses multiple information sources (physics models and measured data) to create industrial-grade models worth more than the sum of their parts. This process uses sparse data and is orders of magnitude faster. The result is highly accurate models that offer speed and quantified uncertainty, allowing for real-time evaluation of thousands of scenarios to find the best settings for your process.