Our Vision

At Geminus, we believe that resilient models should inform and optimize every decision.

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Make Models Infinitely More Usable

Modeling is slow, computationally-intensive, and the realm of only experienced data scientists and engineers. Geminus disrupts this reality by making models leaner and more replicable, which dramatically improves their usability. This means you can easily build resilient models and digital twins, faster, and with fewer resources.

Our Platform

Scale Knowledge & Expertise Enterprise-wide

Citizen modelers in complex industries can leverage Geminus to optimize decision-making and drive value across the enterprise with powerful, predictive intelligence. By scaling the knowledge and expertise of your most experienced model builders, Geminus will help you lower risk, reduce costs, and improve ROI.

Insight-infused Industrial Applications

We envision a world where industrial applications are powered not by historical data alone, but by insights derived from predicting the future. Geminus allows users to create models that precisely predict the outcomes of every action they take.

Not Just Any AI

Only Geminus AI is embedded with first-principles, which makes it instantly smarter and more contextualized than traditional approaches. This enables extremely fast, accurate modeling that can adapt to ongoing design and operational changes. Using only sparse data, you can quickly and easily produce useful models while moving from a data-driven to prediction-driven organization.

Quantify Uncertainty, Increase Confidence

Creating a valid model is valuable. Understanding the uncertainties that exist within that model is priceless. Geminus not only accelerates modeling, our platform allows you to quantify uncertainty and unearth the insights that fuel causal reasoning. As a result, every decision you make will be a confident one.