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A Hybrid Approach: Fast. Accurate. Certain.

The Geminus AI-driven platform helps you build better models, and do so with speed, accuracy and certainty. Our hybrid modeling approach generates the predictive intelligence you need to make your business, your products, and your processes more resilient and sustainable.

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The Geminus Ecosystem

The Geminus Ecosystem

1. Ingest Data and Existing Models

Users can import their existing models and internally- and externally-generated data directly into the Geminus platform.

2. Refine Existing Models and Create Hybrid Models

Optimize Parameters

The platform’s hybrid model toolkit enables users to calibrate the parameters of their current models to vastly improve accuracy.

Quantify Uncertainty

The toolkit also makes uncertainties that exist in your models instantly accessible, helping you quantify the confidence bounds within your model-based predictions.

Generate Surrogates

Users can also infuse disparate information sources into the toolkit to quickly generate new, powerful surrogates that are fast, accurate, and certain.

3. Query Hybrid Models and Build Applications

Predict Precisely

Generate predictions through hybrid model inferencing to surface deeper insights about your product or process.

Solve Problems

Users can leverage the Geminus platform’s open APIs to create a wide array of business-building applications, all powered by hybrid models. The application possibilities are endless—from design exploration to anomaly detection, and from root cause analysis to closed-loop control.

Every Role Empowered

Data Scientists

Data Scientists attack problems from different angles, leveraging data from multiple sources with varying levels of fidelity. Geminus embeds data with physics to super-charge your model-building power.


Engineers are tasked with building the best products and processes possible, regardless of the complexity of the problem they’re solving or the quality and quantity of data they’re using. Geminus lets you optimize existing models or easily build new models and digital twins from scratch, faster and more accurately than ever before. You’ll build better models while saving precious time and valuable resources.

App Developers

App Developers must dream big, creating problem-solving applications for a wide range of use cases. Geminus APIs enable you to integrate models into your development efforts, so you can generate the prediction-based apps that drive your business forward.

Improve ROI & Reduce Risk

The investments in modeling technology can be staggering and the risks associated with generating expensive, ineffective models are high. Geminus instantly improves ROI with fast, effective models that lower your costs and improve business resiliency by reducing the risks of bad decision-making.

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