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Geminus and Cognite

Unmatched industrial optimization

To drive higher efficiency of industrial processes and peak asset performance, Geminus and Cognite have partnered to liberate and unify data and turn it into intelligent advisors and digital twins powered by physics-driven AI. Through this partnership, customers can integrate both operational data and simulation data to create highly accurate AI models that deliver optimal control recommendations and automation of processes.
Make the most of existing data and simulation tools and bring insights into real-time. From refineries to chemical plants to renewables, this partnership will bring new levels of optimization in the face of changing feedstocks, economics, and climate.

Cognite Data Fusion and the Geminus Platform

As a key input into Geminus, Cognite Data Fusion serves as a data foundation, liberating data and making it available with automated and standardized workflows. The Geminus platform ingests this data and creates powerful AI models that understand the true physical behavior of industrial processes.
  • End-to-End Hybrid AI solutions: Built for scale that significantly decreases the time to value of AI solutions for energy and manufacturing
  • Real-time Optimization of Industrial Processes: Operators can leverage real-time operational data alongside simulation data to create, deploy, and manage digital twins
  • Unprecedented Efficiency: Cost-effective scalability with hybrid physics-data AI solutions