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Geminus Announces the Completion of $5.9M Seed Round Led by Lam Capital and SK Inc.


Geminus, global leader in physics-informed AI, announced completion of $5.9M in seed funding led by Lam Capital, the venture capital arm of a leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer and South Korean industrial conglomerate SK, Inc. Additional investors include SkyRiver Ventures and Sentiero Ventures, who joined existing investors The Hive and Darling Ventures.

“SK Inc. saw great potential in Geminus’ ability to scale the use of AI across various business sectors from energy to biotechnology. Its physics-based approach to AI creates highly accurate predictive models without the need for large data sets or knowledge capture from human domain experts. As Geminus models conform to the laws of physics, they are also fully explainable,” said Jaecheol Lee, Managing Director of the Digital Investment Center at SK Inc., and Director of Geminus. SK, Inc. is the investment holding company of SK Group, South Korea’s second largest conglomerate with revenues of over $131Bn and 186 operating companies across a wide range of industries including semiconductor, energy, chemicals & materials, and telecom.

Geminus’ unique approach to physics-informed AI promises to significantly accelerate the industrial world’s transition to intelligent machines and smart factories.  By fusing together multiple information sources such as physics-based simulations and measurement data, Geminus makes it possible to create digital twins that can be used to optimize performance and predict the impact of asset degradation and system changes.  Geminus’ solution can be applied to a variety of industries including energy, chemical & material manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, critical infrastructure, and others.

“Our customers report model creation times that are cut from months to days.  We regularly see model execution speeds that are 1,000x faster than high fidelity simulations for a small loss in accuracy. This means engineers can achieve optimal performance fusing all available sources of information,” said Dr. Karthik Duraisamy, Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer of Geminus, and Professor at the University of Michigan.

The impact of Geminus’ technology extends beyond financial returns to sustainability.  In a recent benchmark, engineers using the Geminus Platform optimized the performance of an industrial pumping network, reducing energy consumption by over 40%. “Pumps consume over 10% of the world’s electricity production.  Geminus can help operators dramatically reduce energy consumption without impeding performance.  This is just one example of how we are contributing to global ESG efforts and reducing carbon emissions worldwide,” said Greg Fallon, CEO of Geminus.

About Geminus

Geminus exists to address the challenges of conventional AI, which includes heavy data requirements, long training times, and difficulty updating. The Geminus platform uses novel, physics-informed AI computing to translate constraints of the physical world inside resilient digital models. Furthermore, it requires only sparse data, and models are easily updated with the infusion of new data points. Data scientists and modeling engineers can use the platform to predict the behavior of complex systems and help them make informed decisions.

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