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Geminus Company - About Us

Who We Are.

Powered by Breakthroughs in Computational and Data Sciences

Karthik Duraisamy, Geminus co-founder and chief scientist, pioneered the academic field of AI-augmented computational physics. When the tech world became fascinated with big data and AI, Karthik saw the limitations. His methods deliver more impact without the tremendous cost of collecting, aggregating, and managing massive data sets.

We’re engineers first, bringing experience from fluid dynamics, process simulation, and generative design to navigate the energy transition. Our deep understanding of engineering problems is the key to extracting value from machine learning. Unlike other AI solutions, Geminus was designed as a software platform, enabling engineers and data scientists to manage their own repeatable, automated workflows.

It’s industrial AI, made easy.

Built on Math, Science, and Impatience

Fusing AI and Simulation for Maximum Accuracy

While traditional AI relies only on industrial data sources, Geminus fuses real-world data and computational models. The result produces highly accurate models that offer real-time speed.

Industrial-Grade, Production-Ready Models

Integrate models into production environments with confidence. Geminus models are reliable and explainable, offering uncertainty quantification and model maintenance.

ML Models in
Hours, Not Months

The Geminus platform compresses model creation time from months to just hours. Improve models seamlessly with easy updates, and thoroughly test scenarios with repeatable workflows.

Executive Leadership Team

Greg Fallon

CEO and Board Director

Greg is passionate about solving the world’s most complex problems, faster. A lifelong nerd and seasoned executive, Greg has led some of the most innovative product initiatives in the industrial software world over the last 25+ years. He spearheaded the first commercial generative design tools using AI at Autodesk and created the most successful industrial analytics software tools at Fluent (later Ansys).

Karthik Duraisamy, Ph.D.

Founder & Chief Scientist

Karthik is one of the pioneers of the field of AI-augmented computational physics. His continued work at the University of Michigan specializes in computational modeling, with an emphasis on data-driven computational physics. Leveraging his background in aerospace and mechanical engineering, Karthik has brought an engineer’s perspective to the challenges facing the industrial sector.

Jim Green


Jim brings 30+ years of excellence in information technology to Geminus. He’s held key positions at Sun Microsystems and Cisco and helped to create several successful tech companies, including Active Software, webMethods, and Composite Software. He brings extensive experience from successful VP of Engineering and CTO roles where he’s led the creation of several industry-leading products.

Lee Johnson

VP, R&D and Customer Success

Lee has 20+ years experience creating and delivering high-impact solutions for intelligent systems design and simulation to customers in energy, mobility, electronics and industrial automation. He has led product and customer-facing organizations at companies such as Synopsys, Ansys and CyDesign Labs.

Kevin See, Ph.D.

VP, Product Strategy

Kevin is a recognized leader in emerging technology strategy and has advised the world’s leading industrial companies on their innovation and digitalization plans. As the VP of Research and Digital Products at Lux Research, he worked across energy, chemicals & materials, and electronics industries. After completing his Ph.D. in materials science and engineering at Johns Hopkins University, Kevin spent time at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

Rob Burns

VP Sales

Rob’s 20+ years of successfully selling and implementing enterprise software has given him a deep focus on driving customer value. As an Eisenhower Fellow, he spent time looking at emerging technology in China and Southeast Asia. A seasoned sales executive, Rob brings experience from successful runs at Lux Research, AppDynamics, and Arthur.

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